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Trees R Us is a family-owned tree service with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Pima County. Our goal is to provide exceptional tree service to all residential and commercial clients looking to maintain or improve the natural surroundings of their homes and businesses.

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Reliable and fast on time

Trees R Us crew made my family happy. The service was prompt and the job was completed faster than I imagined. 


Great Service

Excellent and professional people. They were a pleasure to have around. Bob was always keeping me updated as to their progress.


Very Professional

They had the tree removed the same day the tree fell. They did such a good job, we hired them to remove other dead trees

Trees R Us specializes in the proper maintenance of all types of trees. Call Us Today For Our 25% Off Special.

Certified Arborists

A Certified Arborist is a dedicated professional that has many years of experience and formal training. We guarantee that all of our projects are managed by a Certified Arborist for your protection and peace of mind.

Safest Tree Removal Methods

We always use the SAFEST tree removal methods for your property’s safety, to ensure efficiency, and to promote safety! We strive to save every tree we can, but sometimes tree removal is necessary.

Expert Tree Service

We are a local family owned and operated tree service and tree care company in Tucson, AZ. We give you the promise of our hard work, dedication, and decades of expert experience.

Happiness Guaranteed

We provide professional and affordable tree care for our clients. We’d love the opportunity to work with you and show why our exceptional service sets us apart from the rest.

Tucson Tree Service

We are a tree service based in Arizona. We focus on ensuring that Tucson residents have healthy, safe, and aesthetically appealing trees. Our team is made up of experienced professionals. We have been offering tree-related services for a very long time now. Our team is already familiar with all the tree care services capable of ensuring that your trees add value to your property.

We are an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) member. All our arborists are already ISA-certified. The arborists are familiar with the different types of trees that Tucson residents have in their homes and commercial properties. We have invested in acquiring all the necessary tree maintenance equipment. Irrespective of whether you need tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, pruning, or emergency tree services, our team has the needed experience and tools to ensure you get the best tree care services.

Why You Should Hire a Tree Service Professional

While tree work may appear simple, it usually isn’t. For tree removal, trimming, pruning, stump removal, and other tree care services to be a success, both experience, and the right tools are needed. Without the right tools and experience, tree care, especially bigger jobs, can be dangerous. If anything goes wrong, the result could be damaged property, an ugly landscape, broken bones or other injuries, and medical bills. Below are the major reasons why hiring professionals who focus on offering tree services is a good idea:

  • Knowledge and Experience – Professional tree service providers will know which branches should be cut and which ones should be left on the tree when trimming or pruning the tree. Professionals offering tree services already know about different pests and diseases and the risks they pose to both the environment and the tree care team.
  • Experience – After working with trees for years, professional tree service providers acquire experience that allows them to handle all jobs easily. For example, the experience will make it easier for professionals to work with trees that are near power lines.
  • Tools – Professionals offering tree services already own the right tools. Also, they already have a working knowledge of the tools. This makes it possible for the professional tree care team to handle all jobs without damaging your property.

Professional Tucson Tree Services

We focus on offering the best tree services in Tucson. Our ISA-certified arborists will work with you to ensure that your trees are visually appealing, healthy, and safe. If you need tree trimming, emergency tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, or any other tree care service, you can always reach out to us. We will be happy to discuss your project and also provide a free quote. If necessary, we will be willing to send one of our ISA-certified arborists to take a closer look at your situation.

Tree Removal

Our goal is to make sure that you keep all your trees. Therefore, if possible, we try to avoid removing trees. Before making the decision to remove your tree, we will inspect the tree to determine whether there is a solution that can help you keep it. In some instances, tree removal is necessary.

We work with both small and big trees. We are well-equipped. Also, our team is experienced. Regardless of the location or size of the tree, we will remove it safely. When working with our tree care team, you won’t have to worry about property damage.

Tree Trimming

Looking to improve the overall structure and appearance of your tree/trees? Looking to increase air circulation throughout the tree? Looking for an affordable way to increase sun exposure? Looking for an easy way to improve the view and open up your commercial property or home? We are here to help. One of the tree services we offer is tree trimming.

Our professional tree care team will be more than happy to trim your trees. The team has the expertise to handle all types of trimming. In the past, we have worked on fine trimming, standard trimming, hazard trimming, and crown reduction trimming. After years of working on a wide variety of trees, our professional tree care team knows exactly the branches and limbs that need to be removed. If you work with us, you will be guaranteed of healthier and better-looking trees.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning has a large number of benefits. It can help you:

  • Improve the tree’s health.
  • Stimulate or suppress tree growth.
  • Make the tree safer.

We ensure that you enjoy all the benefits offered by pruning. Our tree service team is equipped with all the necessary tree pruning equipment. We will prune your tree irrespective of its size or location. Our ISA-certified arborists will inspect your tree before commencing the tree pruning. We will ensure that only the right branches get cut. We will take all your suggestions into consideration when working on pruning your trees.

Emergency Tree Removal

Storms, which are often unexpected, can destabilize previously stable trees. Unstable trees can be dangerous. They can damage your property. Irrespective of whether you are dealing with unstable trees or a tree has already fallen on your house, our tree care team can help solve your problem. We are willing to work around the clock to ensure that our clients live in safer homes. Whenever you have any urgent tree care issues, all you have to do is call us. We will make sure your problem is fixed as soon as possible.


Our ISA-certified arborists will help maintain the investment in your trees by providing a wide range of services. Some of the services our arborists offer Tucson property owners include:

  • Pruning – Our arborists know how and when trees should be pruned to improve or maintain their overall safety, appearance, and health.
  • Planting – Our arborists will recommend the right tree varieties for the right place. They will also show you how to plant the trees properly.
  • Health Care – Our arborists can help with safety evaluation and preventative health. The team can help you with an injection or spray program to control both diseases and pests.

Other services offered by our ISA-certified arborists include hazard tree assessment, stump grinding, and working out protection plans for your existing trees on construction and development sites. Irrespective of the type of tree care service you need, our arborists will be more than happy to offer the service.